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Thank you for visiting our Volunteer page! Blue Drop Awards just couldn't happen without the help of our dedicated volunteers.

For most positions, there will be one or two weeks of hard work followed by months of very little. For example, the nominating committee will have a huge job of narrowing the finalists, but then little to do the rest of the year. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Ben Finklea at 512-632-4222 or

We have the need for the following volunteers:

  • General Committee – Oversees the Blue Drop Awards and makes sure everything happens.
  • Nominating Committee - Reviews and approves each submission. Evaluates the nominees in each category and selects the finalists. (Note: any member of the Blue Drop Awards Nomination Committee may be nominated but is ineligible to be a finalist in any category. This extends to the company you work for or any project you are associated with, too. Volunteers not serving on the Nomination Committee are still eligible to compete.)
  • Booth Volunteers - Works the Blue Drop Awards booth at Drupalcon and raises awareness; Volacci has donated their booth for Drupalcon Denver.
  • Graphical Design - Designs the awards, badges, t-shirts, etc. to make the Blue Drop Awards stand out and helps with website design.
  • Web Design - Designs and creates the Blue Drop Awards website and archival websites for each contest year.
  • Webmaster - Helps build and maintain the primary Blue Drop Awards websites.
  • Web Content Writer - Helps create the textual aspects needed for Blue Drop Awards such as web copy, press releases, announcements, etc.
  • Business Writer - Write Case Studies and Profiles of winners throughout the year. These will be released to the Drupal community to help market Drupal.
  • Podcast Producter - Help throughout the year by recording, editing, and producing the Blue Drop Awards podcast.
  • Social Media Wonk - Help raise awareness and get the message out about Blue Drop Awards! Let the world know that we are here.

And anything else you can think of! If you've got talent, you can help give back to Drupal by volunteering. All volunteers will be given their own volunteer profile page on the website.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Ben Finklea at 512-632-4222 or

Blue Drop Awards News: Sign up to be notified when: nominations open and close, finalists are announced, voting opens and closes, winners are announced, and other related news about the awards - about 2-3 emails per week. After the contest is over, you will receive a monthly update (but only if there is news to share) with links to interviews, podcasts, and Drupal marketing materials as they become available.

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