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Translation Services

The power to translate is now inside Drupal!

Now it's easy to instantly translate your content directly from Drupal using the new Lingotek-Inside Drupal integration. Your users will be able to access translated content, nominate content for professional translation, and even offer to translate content themselves, all without leaving your site! Our Platform Is Your Platform The Lingotek Collaborative Translation module was developed by Lingotek to aid administrators of Drupal-created websites in getting their web content translated. The module integrates Lingotek's Collaborative Translation Platform directly into Drupal, so that your users can leverage the power of Lingotek's translation tools without ever having to leave the comfort of their Drupal environment. Content Value Index Drupal administrator's can categorize content and decide how particular content needs to be translated by its relative value. So very important content is handled by Lingotek's professional translators, moderately important content is handled by your community and or partners and less important content can be handled by machine translation. You decide and the Collaborative Translation Platform handles the workflow.

Three Levels of Trusted Translation Professional - Using paid experts is sometimes the correct choice for certain kinds of material such as official publications. The right technology, workflow, and project management practices minimize time/cost and maximize content reusability. Community - Your users are often the best available experts on your global message. Transcreating with community users provides colloquial and subject matter accuracy for lower cost and reasonable speed. Automatic - Sometimes the general meaning of a text is all you need or want from your translation. In these cases, machine translation provides the perfect combination of speed, accuracy and cost.

We Eat Our Own Dog Food. Our company website runs on Drupal. So we use our own Lingotek Collaborative Translation module to translate our own website. We also have clients who use Drupal and connect to our platform through this module. We are actively gathering new feature requirements (both internally and externally) and adding this requested functionality to our module. So tell us what you want because we're listening.