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Why can't I vote?


Written under duress and lack of sleep (Thanks, Drupalcon Denver!): 

If you can't vote, there is probably one of the following going on:

  1. You can't vote because you are not registered with Blue Drop Awards. Just like in real elections, you must be registered to vote. Solution: Get registered!
  2. You can't vote because you just registered and your account hasn't been verified yet. To prevent spam and ballot stuffing, we verify every single account created on this website. Solution: Give us time! If it is daytime in Austin, Texas then go get a cup of coffee. If you're a Brit, tea is acceptable. Everyone else drink coffee. Or beer. If it is nighttime in Austin, Texas, then check back tomorrow. (Sorry, we sleep sometimes.) (Rarely.) If you are actually in Austin, Texas, I hear that Houndstooth is a great coffee shop.
  3. You can't vote because we tried to verify your account and couldn't. The biggest reason we reject new accounts is because the person did not include their information. Solution: Go to your account page and and click the "Edit profile" tab. Verify that you have a link there to your account. (Linking to your website, your facebook page, your company, etc. will NOT work.) You must link to so we can see that you have joined the Drupal community.
    For the visual among us: