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Is this event officially sanction by the Drupal Association or Dries Buytaert?

The Blue Drop Awards is not affiliated with the Drupal Association or Dries Buytaert at this time other than the fact the we are all active members of the Drupal community. The three people currently (as of Feb 12, 2012) on the General Committee are all employees of Volacci who decided to get the ball rolling and needed to act quickly for things to be in place by the start of Drupalcon Denver. We are looking for volunteers to join the committee and to head up several different initiatives around this event. If you are interested in volunteeringsponsoring, or just to make a donation, please do! You can always contact us.

added 10 Mar 2012:
Over the last few weeks, Ben has had conversations with Jacob Redding (The President of the Drupal Association) and Dries. While Blue Drop Awards remains an independant awards program, both gentlemen have expressed their encouragement for this event to continue and see it as a good way to market Drupal. There are discussions still to come about cooperation between our organizations including expanding Blue Drop Awards to include Drupalcon Munich and others moving forward. We at Blue Drop Awards would like to express our gratitude and thanks for their support. We look forward to a bright future together.