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CommonPlaces implemented a completely different way of website navigation for our site. We created a unique theme for the website built from scratch. We added scrollable backgrounds, as well as implementing a Ajax portfolio. This optimized the interactive nature of our website, as well deliver a showcase for our work that expressed our strengths.

Bad Boy

MJD Interactive Agency and Bad Boy, a leading action sports and mixed martial arts lifestyle brand, recently launched a new website and online store at

The new site puts a great deal of emphasis on social interaction with Bad Boy’s audience. Integration with Facebook, Twitter, and Google services were a priority from the beginning to help customers interact with the brand and their favorite athletes. The robust experience includes a dedicated Community section to bring longtime supporters and new fans of the brand into the conversation.

Australian Institute of Management

An early D7 adopter with custom modules for CRM integration (SSO), wishlist with pending eCommerce enablement, sophisticated course and event searching tool and custom admin interfaces to facilitate business user management. An intensive UX process was also involved prior to the creative design development.

This site was an improvement from the old site.

With Drupal we achieved a stronger relationship betweem the Mexican journalist Adela Micha and her audience, since she was well know in both radio and tv, but lacked any kind of presence on the Internet but twitter.

Since the launch of the site, people have started to view and enjoy the contents that are not usually published on TV nor radio, such as exclusive interviews, audio commentaries and even the everyday wardrobe of Adela Micha.

Caritas Danmark

This site was built for the Danish branch of Caritas Internationalis, a social service NGO, and therefore on a very slim budget. We managed to make it shine anyway, with an exceptional design that integrates the goals of the parent organization, yet establishes its own graphic identity. We also created an integration with ePay, making it possible for donations via SMS, which was a first for the organization. We are proud of how much we could accomplish on a non-profit budget!