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Websites built with Drupal 6.

10,000 Solutions

This media rich site for Arizona State University, allows users to contribute ideas for changing the local, national, or world community for the better. The ideas are pulled through common social platforms such as YouTube and Twitter. The submission are aggregated onto the site, searched, voted upon, and ranked based on other user interactions. KWALL integrated several modules together to deliver the preferred social experience and vote weighting and tallying system. The result is a socially conscious eco-system wrapped around the common goal of bettering the community in which we live.

Sonic Foundry

Sonic Foundry is a leading webcasting and lecture capture software and hardware provider. Their clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as prestigious higher-education institutions. As a major player in media technology, Sonic Foundry wanted a site that was media rich and engaging to clients and public users alike. KWALL leveraged the company’s library of video resources, case studies, client testimonials, and white papers; tagging and classifying nearly everything to create a truly dynamic interface that serves up desired content through advanced multi-variant search filters.

Eyemaginations Inc.

Unleashed Technologies is proud and excited to have been part of the development of the Eyemaginations website, helping the definitive industry leader in informational video for the healthcare industry create a web presence that is representative of its continued success, its mature product offering, and delivers valuable resources to their existing client base.

Eyemaginations, Inc is an industry leader in creating interactive media solutions that explain complex medical subject matters to patients. Eyemaginations' products span from in-office informative videos to direct patient education.


Shunra Software Ltd is an industry leader in the WAN emulation and application performance engineering (APE) marketplace. As a company driven by a very technical product, they needed a way to leverage web technologies to more effectively communicate their company's message to the Fortune 2000. Previous efforts to create a high impact and information-driven website deployed with enterprise technology had failed to deliver. Shunra had several unique challenges they shared with Unleashed Technologies:

  • A need for an enterprise content management platform
  • An aggressive time table for deployment


The site is a marketplace for adventure tourism operators which includes 244 tours from 70 countries. Tour operators can create their own tours with filling many fields such as geocoded tour map, itenary, inclusion/exclusion list, prices, tour dates, pics and videos. The site also designed to be community platform which the users named as " Geographikan's ". Any tour can be bought from the market place by users with full functionality of an e-commerce platform, which is developed by ubercart module.