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Please support Drupal & Blue Drop Awards 2012

Do you like what we're doing here at Blue Drop Awards?

Do you you get excited when you're telling somebody about Drupal?

Do you want more quality marketing tools that convince people to try Drupal?

Do you get sick of hearing about technologically inferior products growing faster than Drupal?

So do we. Let's do something about it.

Fellow Drupalista,

My name is Ben Finklea. I'm the CEO of Volacci and a long-time member of the Drupal community. For the last couple of years, many of us (yourself included, maybe) have complained that Drupal lacks the excellent marketing that it needed to compete with other platforms. Things like a killer demo site, excellent case studies, proposal drop-ins, media kits, PR (did the press even know when D7 came out?), and industry-specific solution guides.

The problem is, complain is almost all we did. With few exceptions. Recently, in discussions at Drupalcamps and meetups, several of us started to realized that we cannot wait around hoping that the tools we need to market Drupal will just magically appear. DA priorities are in other places - good places - but not on Marketing Drupal to the outside world. We finally came to the conclusion that we, as a community, have to stop complaining and start doing.

From those conversations, good things have started to happen. The most visible so far has been the Drupal Business Summits - a unique Drupal experience tailored for CEOs, CMOs, and other C-level business-types. Dave Terry in Atlanta and Ron Huber in San Diego were first out of the gate. Glenn Hilton is organizing the Vancouver event followed by Tom McCracken in Dallas, myself in Austin, and others soon after. We now have a freely-available, Drupal Summit best practices guide so that these events can be duplicated in any city in the world. This is a huge win for the Drupal community.

But there is so much more to be done.

In his London keynote, Dries expresses the need for more Marketing of Drupal. That is what this contest is all about. Blue Drop Awards is simultaneously creating buzz about Drupal and creating the marketing that we all need. And we are going to give it all back to the Drupal community.

With your help, here's what we are going to do:

  1. Create well-designed, full-featured killer Drupal Demo websites. NOT just plain Drupal, we want finished, fun, powerful sites that people can login to as user/1 and play with.
  2. Create fantastic, editable proposal templates for Drupal projects.
  3. Create vertical-specific marketing collateral that show how Drupal is being used.
  4. Create slide decks that tell the Drupal story and help sell the power of Drupal.
  5. Create a professionally produced video demo of Drupal 7
  6. Use PR to help support major Drupal launches and smaller Drupal wins.

See our 2012 Budget for more information.

And, we'll give them all away to you for unlimited, royalty-free use. Steal them. Put your logo on them. Use them however you want to help YOU grow and help Drupal grow.

In our initial campaign, Blue Drop Awards is raising $30,000. Remember that we are competing with some of the biggest corporations in the world and they spend millions on marketing every quarter. We have to start somewhere!

Will you help?

Think about it this way: would you pay $3000 for $30,000 worth of marketing for your business?

How about $300?

Everyone is different, of course. If we all give what we can, we can make this happen.

Thank your for your participation in Blue Drop Awards. Thanks for being part of Drupal.

To donate, feel free to use our Paypal link below or mail us a check.



Ben Finklea
Blue Drop Awards Organizer


Blue Drop Awards Donations Promise:

  1. Donations will only be used for the Marketing of Drupal.
  2. Openness about where the money is going. (We'll tell you everything.)
  3. Highest of quality, professionally-produced materials that you will be proud to use.
  4. Free access to the materials we create. No favorites.