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Whirlwind week

on Mon, 02/27/2012 - 22:40

One week has gone by since we first launched to the world. It's been an incredible week! On Friday, I was featured on the Lullabot podcast. I also had a great conversation with Jacob Redding at the Drupal Association. It was great to hear that the DA was interested and excited about the program. In the future, I believe that we'll have a close relationship with them. 

Updates to website: as you can probably tell, this website is a work in progress. We've been adding and changing things very quickly as they are needed. Probably the most obvious change was to the nomination form itself. But, we've also added thumbnails, cleaned up the display pages a bit, adjusted the theme in about 50 places and added a better sponsor management tool. There is a ton left to be done! I've had conversations with Susan MacPhee, a Drupal Gardens-focused developer, about helping us. She stepped up and we should see some good things happen this week. We're also planning a broader strategy with the fine Drupal team at Kwall Company that would require a migration to an unfettered Drupal installation. 

Finally, we've had several hundred people join the site and about a dozen nominations. We'll be rolling them out over the next few days. Get your nomination in now!