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Rule Change Proposed & Finalized

on Mon, 03/12/2012 - 19:03

[Edit: After little comment from the community, and that comment in favor, we've decided to make the rule changes proposed below. Thank you for your support!]

As you can see from our 2012 budget, we have plans to do a lot of marketing for Drupal in the coming year. That means that we need the financial support from companies in the Drupal community who want to see this work done. Many have expressed that they wish to help by sponsoring but they also want to enter the contest. Unfortunately, we have eliminated many possible supporters with a rule that states that a company cannot both sponsor and compete. The intention was to eliminate the possibility of bias but it's unintended effect was the stifle the ability of BDA to reach as many people as possible.
The Executive Committee has met and feel that we should make change our contest rules that preserve the fairness of the contest yet allow companies to both sponsor and compete. Here are the proposed changes:
Rule Change #1: Eliminate the need for the Nominating Committee to choose 10 finalists for each category. Every eligible site would be a "finalist".
This would remove any possible bias in the selection process. It would also remove significant "non-mission" work that would be required to evaluate each website in a very short period of time in order to select the finalists.
Rule Change #2. Eliminate the rule that a company cannot both sponsor and compete.
We feel that this would give us the resources we need to carry the Drupal message forward. 
Before we make this change, it was decided to open this up for comment from the community. Please post your comments below or contact us with your concerns.
Thank you for your support!



I think this is a good idea. But, there are some big companies that create many websites per year. I think it would be sane to limit the number of nominations per company to a reasonable number (5?). Kristen
Ben Finklea's picture

That's an interesting idea, Kristen. We will discuss it.