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Nomination Deadline Extended

on Tue, 03/06/2012 - 05:42


D Community,
The Blue Drop Awards Organizing Committee, after very careful consideration, has decided to extend the deadline for nominations through the end of Drupalcon Denver. An official announcement will go out tomorrow morning.
One of the goals that we set early on for the Blue Drop Awards was very high community involvement. After having discussions with many people in the last few days who had not even heard of the event yet, we began to consider an alternative schedule that would give more time for word to spread. We decided to wait and see how many nominations came in today and then make a final decision. 
At this time, participation is very good. About 70 completed nominations have been submitted. We've reviewed a little less than half of those so far - most of them came in on March 4th and 5th. Even so, we feel that we could do better. By extending the deadline for submitting nominations, we can ensure maximum participation. We want every worthy Drupal project to have a chance to be a part of this.
Additionally, there has been considerable feedback that it is taking longer than anticipated to get permission from the nominated website's owners to participate in the contest. We faced the possibility of many great sites being disqualified because their (large) organizations took a bit longer to make a decision. That is unacceptable. This event is about highlighting the best that Drupal has to offer, not the best that can squeeze in a decision quickly.
In hindsight, 2 weeks from launch to the nomination deadline was simply not enough time to get the word out, nominations in, and permission granted. Please forgive us! We are learning - this is our very first awards contest - and I hope that you will be patient with us through the bumps and bruises.
To those that put forth full effort to get your nomination in by today, we say "Thank You!" from the entire committee. Your sites will get maximum publicity on the website and we will work to highlight them in other ways if possible (think Drupalcon). Please get any outstanding permission from the website owner ASAP so that we can do so. 
Thank you to everyone who has participated so far.
--Ben Finklea (on behalf of the BDA Organizing Committee)