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Livewire - Starlight Childrens Foundation

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Why does this website deserve to win?: is an online community designed just for young people living with a serious illness, chronic health condition or disability, and their families. It is a safe online space where members can connect and share experiences with others who understand what they are going through. It creates a point of social connection, allowing members to find a balance in their lives despite disruptions such as time in hospital or time away from school. Unfortunately, as it's members only, you won't fully be able to see what it can do! However should give you a sense of it's impact and value.
Website Launch Date: 
Monday, June 20, 2011
Starlight Childrens Foundation
How It Was Done (optional): 
Initially the site was built using Sharepoint, and then for a number of reasons a platform upgrade to a Drupal implementation was undertaken. This included a consolidation of functionality based on user interactions, feedback and requests facilitated through both contributed and custom modules, and a migration of existing creative look and feel. A major part of the work facilitated single sign on with the US based "Starlight Children's Foundation". This allowed for an extension of support hours for real time chat rooms (one of the most popular site features) from limited Australian and US hours to 24/7 for both user communities. The SSO integration also merged both user databases thereby massively increasing the size of the community and enabling sick children and their families to interact online with a much larger and broader base.
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Starlight Childrens Foundation (Australia)
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We do websites and other digital things. More info at and