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Drupal Version: 
Why does this website deserve to win?: 
Brilliantly done using Drupal Commons and Pressflow. A unique site with an editorial + user driven focus for bringing about Social Change in India. You can set up campaigns, petitions, pledges, debates, ideas and promote social changing events. Users get reward points for their activity which can be redeemed with socially considered rewards. Lots of social networking features built for users to interact with others. You can find people with similar interests and follow them. It also has content sharing capabilities on other social networking sites.
Website Launch Date: 
Thursday, January 26, 2012
How It Was Done (optional): 

Done using Drupal Commons for organic groups and activity wall, Pressflow for enhanced performance, Apache SOLR Search for great people and content search, lots of community and custom built modules and gamification for user activity.

Owner's name: 
Halabol Technologies
Development Company: 
Srijan Technologies
Srijan is a Drupal development company based out of India. It is an Acquia Enterprise Partner and has built large portals such as and, regularly make community contributions, organise community and business events, and also offer Drupal Training - under the Acquia Training Partner program.