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Gator Tailgating

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Why does this website deserve to win?: is a social website dedicated to (you guessed it) the Florida Gators and the great southern tradition of gameday tailgating. Originally launched in 2008 using Drupal version 5.3, it has evolved through four theme changes(most recently relaunched under a new theme in March 2011) and two mobile themes to become what it is today. GT uses various Facebook plugins to incorporate Facebook's user base into our discussion. We also heavily use the Advanced Forum module to integrate Drupal powered forums into our site.
Website Launch Date: 
Monday, March 28, 2011
Owner's name: 
Michael Herchel
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Drupal Community Comments

Love this site. Go Gators!


Cool Website despite it being the Florida Gators!

Next time you come down to Gainesville to get your team beat, hit us up! Free beer for all Drupalers!