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Why does this website deserve to win?: 

FresNoise is awesome! Okay, I'm biased, but it is. FresNoise is an online concert calendar serving the entire Calirnia Central Valley, providing resources for fans, bands, venues, and promoters.

FresNoise is currently underdoing a Drupal 7 upgrade, and the entire package will be released as a Drupal installation profile to assure that any locality can track their music scene (or any other events, I suppose).

Website Launch Date: 
Friday, April 1, 2011
How It Was Done (optional): 

FresNoise was built over the course of two weeks in response to a challenge. I had just moved back to Fresno and couldn't find anything to do. This is a common malady in the Central Valley, so I decided to fix it. All features are powered by contributed modules, and the themes are provided by TopNotchThemes (including mobile). Some modifications were made to the themes, but not to the code.

I also built a Twitterbot using Rules, which operates @FresNoiseDotCom

Owner's name: 
David Platek
Development Company: 
Planet23 Consulting