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Film Photography Project

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Started in 2009, the Film Photography Podcast grew organically over the course of a year. Over time the FPP grew to span a podcast on iTunes/PodBean, blog on Blogspot, community on Flickr, videos on YouTube, and a storefront—the number of channels had become unwieldy and were completely decentralized. The design and development team was challenged with creating a brand identity, web strategy and site that united all of the disparate parts under the newly formed Film Photography Project umbrella. The site is powered by Drupal and Ubercart, and receives global visits daily.

Website Launch Date: 
Thursday, December 1, 2011
How It Was Done (optional): 

With a number of websites that contained posts and communications from the members of this community, the decision to amalgamate it all into one location was an easy one to make but not as easy to manage. It meant, not just one data migration, but several. Now, although flickr, youtube and podbean are still used to host the communities media, the communication is centralised around this site.

Imagecache, Views, Feeds, Ubercart and a plethora of social media modules are used to manage the information gathered from the various community sites that have built up around this community of Lomographers.

The development of this site has enabled several contributions back to the drupal community through new modules and patches as a part of the build and has introduced the community to a few new members.

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Film Photography Project
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Gareth Alexander acts as a personal agency offering website services, specialising in Drupal and web application development, operating close to the centre of Edinburgh in Scotland. GA Web Development is aimed at small to medium sized organisations that are interested in purchasing a content management system to act as their website or those that already have a Drupal website and are looking for enhancements. Gareth is an active member of the Drupal Core Accessibility group, he organises local Drupal training and co-working events and maintains a theme and several modules on, he also reviews and contributes patches.