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Why does this website deserve to win?: has pushed the Drupal codebase to its limits, then gracefully stepped across the brink.  We’ve implemented every cool part of Drupal. From the Spaces / Context / Purl / OG stack to Services, from advanced Webforms to User Relationships, from Bakery to Views, we’ve touched it all. And of course, let’s not overlook the super fast Varnish / Memcache stack.

We haven’t just built a website. We’ve created a web application that allows tens of thousands of users to create their own microsites using OG to manage activities, calendars, communications and collect fees online. strives to be the 21st century version of “fridge calendar” where parents and children can plan out their activities.

Our developers have committed hundreds of patches on You’ll see us at DrupalCons and camps around the country sharing what we have learned. Some of us are even working on core initiatives! stands as a true testament to the power of Drupal, showing what can be accomplished through hard work and dedication.  Our website runs on the blood, sweat and tears of both our own developers and the Drupal community.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011 User Dashboard

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We really wanted to talk about this - but this field just didn't give a lot of space. So we took up Ben Finklea's offer to blog on this site. Check it out here:

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Like what you see? Want to come work with us and play with all the things we get to? Want to dive deep into code? Want to own what you work on? We’re hiring great Drupal developers! Come Play!

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Great site.

Putting everything you need to keep your social life organized and in one place, that's

“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

Well done team AllPlayers.

There is absolutely nothing else like it! The organization of sporting events alone is a great concept. The fact it uses Drupal to achieve this is pronominal. Defiantly goes above and beyond your typical Drupal site.

love it.