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Best Social Website Built With Drupal

Long Name: 
Best Social/Community Website Built With Drupal

Nominees for Best Social Website Built With Drupal represent implementations of Drupal that are primarily social or community-driven in nature.

10,000 Solutions

This media rich site for Arizona State University, allows users to contribute ideas for changing the local, national, or world community for the better. The ideas are pulled through common social platforms such as YouTube and Twitter. The submission are aggregated onto the site, searched, voted upon, and ranked based on other user interactions. KWALL integrated several modules together to deliver the preferred social experience and vote weighting and tallying system. The result is a socially conscious eco-system wrapped around the common goal of bettering the community in which we live.

IOBY Project

This site is a well designed site that implements Drupal 7 and Commerce to help a non-profit reach their goals.

Film Photography Project

Started in 2009, the Film Photography Podcast grew organically over the course of a year. Over time the FPP grew to span a podcast on iTunes/PodBean, blog on Blogspot, community on Flickr, videos on YouTube, and a storefront—the number of channels had become unwieldy and were completely decentralized. The design and development team was challenged with creating a brand identity, web strategy and site that united all of the disparate parts under the newly formed Film Photography Project umbrella. The site is powered by Drupal and Ubercart, and receives global visits daily.

Elliott Refurb or Rebuild LIVE!

World leader in modular building space Elliott Group recently worked with Manchester-based digital agency to create a website and Facebook page for their Refurb or Rebuild LIVE! competition.

Run in collaboration with Building Future Education and the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Drupal-powered website was designed to get schoolchildren, headteachers and parents involved, creating a viral buzz about the contest.

A cross-channel campaign, the competition integrated email, social media websites Twitter and Facebook as well as the web to target headteachers within a limited

Gator Tailgating is a social website dedicated to (you guessed it) the Florida Gators and the great southern tradition of gameday tailgating. Originally launched in 2008 using Drupal version 5.3, it has evolved through four theme changes(most recently relaunched under a new theme in March 2011) and two mobile themes to become what it is today. GT uses various Facebook plugins to incorporate Facebook's user base into our discussion. We also heavily use the Advanced Forum module to integrate Drupal powered forums into our site.