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The Trek

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Amazee Labs own Managing Director Gregory Gerhardt will challenge himself, in April 2012, on the roads of South Africa with a 1400km (870 miles) walk.

To document the progress of his project, part of the Amazee Labs' Extreme program, and learn more about the job the development team does, he and Victor Künzig built this website in their spare time.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011
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Gregory Gerhardt
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Amazee Labs
Making Your Web Work! We build fresh websites and amazing community solutions. Find us in Zurich and San Antonio. This site was built as a volluntry project after work and on weekends to hone the indivuals Drupal skills.

Drupal Community Comments

Fantastic organization, very time-line oriented, and the equipment track was a nice feature in deeper involvement. Great thought to design and usability.