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This website looks great on mobile devices!
Why does this website deserve to win?: 
My primary goal for this site is to have a great looking blog with photos, but more than just photos, I wanted the photos to have context, which is why I wanted to map them. I also wanted the site to be my own photography portfolio, so it needed to work perfectly on mobile devices.
Website Launch Date: 
Monday, October 10, 2011
Screenshot for travelogue for Belize Barrier Reef
How It Was Done (optional): 

This site is a great demonstration of the power of the Media module and mapping with Drupal. For the photo galleries, the photos are geotagged with longitude/latitude exif data from my GPS digital camera. They're uploaded as media content and the exif module pulls exif data out of them and stores it in media fields. Then, a variety of slideshow and OpenLayers map views are available to display the images. I use the ViewField module in the nodes to select the view(s) I want to display on each node. I could choose any combination of Galleria, "Just images", Satellite Map, Terrain Map, Street Map, and/or any other new ones I come up with.

Owner's name: 
Shawn DeArmond
Development Company: 
Shawn DeArmond