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Best Personal Website Built With Drupal

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Best Personal Website Built With Drupal

Nominees for Best Personal Website Built With Drupal represent Drupal implementations for personal, non-business websites. This might be a personal blog, podcast, resume, etc. website that is owned and operated by an individual for primarily non-commercial purposes.

Matt Terry

This is my portfolio site. It's evolved over the years from a custom cms, to drupal 5, then 6 and now drupal 7. I recently updated the graphic design and ported it to drupal 7, it's still a work in progress. The next phase is the mobile version of the theme. The right hand menu will take over the whole mobile screen and switch to the left hand content view when the user clicks an icon. In this sense it has been designed with a mobile first approach. The site has always served me well.

The Trek

Amazee Labs own Managing Director Gregory Gerhardt will challenge himself, in April 2012, on the roads of South Africa with a 1400km (870 miles) walk.

To document the progress of his project, part of the Amazee Labs' Extreme program, and learn more about the job the development team does, he and Victor Künzig built this website in their spare time.

Matjaž Čuk | Design for understanding

Website was designed by award wining designer Matjaž Čuk. It has a unique layout and structure in comparison to other portfolio Websites. Drupal had a bad reputation of having "bad designs". In last years this of course changed, but we still need to show to designers that Drupal themers are capable of getting their ideas into Drupal. Why does this website deserve to win? Because it has a unique visual appearance based on a deeply though eco-friendly visual entity ( with a very simple execution in Drupal 6.

Amanda Rodriguez

My personal website has gone through many design changes of the years. As soon as I finished one I was not fully happy with it. For this site I took my time in the design phase and planned out how every page would look. This design has been up for about two years and I still like it. Though I think it should be made responsive I still think the design is great.

My primary goal for this site is to have a great looking blog with photos, but more than just photos, I wanted the photos to have context, which is why I wanted to map them. I also wanted the site to be my own photography portfolio, so it needed to work perfectly on mobile devices.