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Best Non-Profit/Education Website Built With Drupal

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Best Non-Profit/Education/Science/Training Website Built With Drupal

Nominees for Best Non-Profit/Education Website Built With Drupal represent Drupal implementations for Non-Profit businesses or Educational institutions.

Portland State University

Portland State University (PSU) is a large, urban educational institution committed to the environment, academic excellence and creating positive change. They recently migrated their entire infrastructure of departmental, academic, research and student group sites to Drupal 7, which has provided them with considerable cost-savings and efficiency within their technology and academic teams. Before Drupal, PSU managed 52 sites. Now that number has increased to over 200 and it continues to grow; rapid site deployment ensures that each new site is up in minutes!

The Episcopal Church

Prayer Goes Social on Episcopal Church Drupal Website Stained glass designs and ‘Prayers of the People’ brighten faith online for feature-rich website produced by Drupal web developer Duo Consulting.
  • The Episcopal Church has embraced the Internet to help its members embrace the Church. Among the features now available on its new website church members can submit their prayers, view other prayers and ‘like’ prayers to offer their support.
  • Hurley Medical Center and Children's Hospital

    Hurley made a strategic decision in 2009 to build a new Drupal website portal whose purpose would be to connect each of the medical center’s Drupal microsites. Taking advantage of a Drupal feature, the Hurley Children’s Hospital website was developed simultaneously as the portal site, and has a unique design theme but shares its functionality with the portal website.
      Other achievements of this site include:
    • Duo successfully implemented ‘find a physician,’ a multifaceted search ability that empowers visitors by allowing them to search by last name, full name, location or specialty.

    The Boomerang Project


    About The Boomerang Project

    The Boomerang Project has made a positive impact on more than 9 million students in more than 3000 schools over the past 2 decades. Their single purpose is to:

    Make schools great, safe and connected places for kids to learn.

    The Boomerang Project has trained over 9000 educators to make this goal a reality for these schools.

    About the Website

    The website was built to serve three distinct audiences:

    1. Educators who want to learn about The Boomerang Project
    2. Educators who sign up and complete training courses
    3. The Boomerang Project staff who

    University of Colorado Boulder

    In January of 2012, launched in Drupal 7. This represents the first and most visible change to the web infrastructure in about a decade. Jointly, the Office of Information Technology and University Communications have built a robust, highly-available, enterprise-class platform for developing and releasing fast, secure, and powerful Drupal websites on a large scale. It's still in it's infancy, but we've already got a significant number of campus-critical sites converted with many more currently in development.