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Best Non-Profit/Education Website Built With Drupal

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Best Non-Profit/Education/Science/Training Website Built With Drupal

Nominees for Best Non-Profit/Education Website Built With Drupal represent Drupal implementations for Non-Profit businesses or Educational institutions.

Amnesty USA

The Amnesty USA site offers high usability with an architecture that allows users to easily access content important to them by region or issue. The site makes heavy use of contexts and views to dynamically display views and has many custom UI components and font replacement for high design. Amnesty International is a global movement of people fighting injustice and promoting human rights. We work to protect people wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied.

Penn State World Campus

Penn State World Campus is the key administrative and support hub for Penn State University's distance learners. The site is structured into two independent sites joined by a single database--one site serves current students; the other, prospective students.

Along with a single database, the sites share a centralized admin interface, taxonomy system, and user role definitions. The taxonomy system is carefully structured to:

  • Enforce program structure
  • Surface contextual user content
  • Assign user permissions
  • Define content relationships
  • Identify content for mobile delivery

The site also


Combines Drupal, Webforms, next-level HTML5 video, a successful marketing campaign with the Vancouver Canucks and a good cause.

Stanford School of Engineering

Stanford's Engineering site is a great example of Drupal's potential in higher education. The site is built as a hub which sites on top of all the various Engineering departments at Stanford, and features Engineering-related news, information, faculty, labs and organizations, etc. All of this information is seamlessly presented and easily administered by Stanford staff, and the success of the launch has prompted Stanford to bring the individual Engineering department sites into Drupal as well.

Rutgers Center for Management Development

The redesigned Rutgers Center for Management Development (CMD) website provides a robust and expandable platform for sharing their growing portfolio of in-class, online, and on-site training programs to the public at-large. Any new programs can be quickly added, and critical information such as program dates, times, and locations can be updated at a moment’s notice. By using Drupal MPA was able to consolidate three individually managed platforms (WordPress blog, Lead Capture form service, and their static website) into one.

During the first month since the site has gone live, the enhanced