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Best Non-Profit/Education Website Built With Drupal

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Best Non-Profit/Education/Science/Training Website Built With Drupal

Nominees for Best Non-Profit/Education Website Built With Drupal represent Drupal implementations for Non-Profit businesses or Educational institutions.


USENIX, the Advanced Computing Systems Association's new website involved a massive migration to Drupal from static HTML and custom Perl scripts that were evolving since the early days of the web. Content was structured into new forms that are easily found with custom Apache Solr search pages and listings. The migration was run on a variety of custom scripts that scraped legacy HTML, as well as a manual data entry process that was run on a custom Drupal-built interface to make it as efficient as possible.

University of New South Wales

UNSW is a top tier international university that has been adopting open source into many facets of their organization. This site demonstrates their commitment to do this at the highest levels and is just one of the many Drupal sites that has been launched.


This is a really complex set of sites. It consists of 6 sites all interconected. The project includes a Community at which is a place for teachers to share knowledge with each other and work on projects. There's a digital repository at which has hundreds of educational resources that teachers can use in classroom. There's also portals, which all can be reached from the main portal. The sites were very complex and they all share information using Services throught REST.

Chamber Music America

Chamber Music America’s goal was to create an interactive website that serves as an online chamber music community, strengthening ties between the national organization and its members and constituents, and among its members. Members consist of individual musicians, ensembles, presenters, artist managers, composers and educators. CMA wanted to project the diversity of its membership and the music its members play; the organization’s programs and activities, and its, and its members’ accomplishments.

About the Project:

1) Home Page

  • Modular build provides CMA with the ability to feature

Forging Industry Association

Over the years, had grown to be a large, spider-like site that had become unmanageable. Forging was unable to update their own site content, so they came up with workaround solutions, extending the navigation into a litany of sub-menus to accommodate upwards of 700 PDFs.

Forging had been hosting their site with Unleashed Technologies and turned to them to help improve its organization and accessibility. Unleashed Technologies migrated to Drupal 7, integrating with Forging’s third-party membership portal and incorporating a single sign-on solution.