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USENIX, the Advanced Computing Systems Association's new website involved a massive migration to Drupal from static HTML and custom Perl scripts that were evolving since the early days of the web. Content was structured into new forms that are easily found with custom Apache Solr search pages and listings. The migration was run on a variety of custom scripts that scraped legacy HTML, as well as a manual data entry process that was run on a custom Drupal-built interface to make it as efficient as possible. On the new website, conference registration now occurs through integration with CVent and Salesforce. In fact the website is tightly integrated with Salesforce, which tracks interactions with conference attendees, association members, and e-commerce customers. The Salesforce integration is handled via Zivtech's Houston project. The new website also relies on 44 custom modules which reproduce all of the home-grown functionality and business logic that USENIX requires. It uses Drupal Commerce to sell memberships and files, as well as Organic Groups for conferences. The entire website and its advanced features are all internally documented throughout dozens of Advanced Help pages. And the website is one of the first large projects to launch on Pantheon V2.

Finally and most importantly, within USENIX's massive content store, a search for Dries will yield the man himself!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012
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We do more than build great websites. We live and love open source. Zivtech is an open source web development, design, and training shop located in Philadelphia with satellite offices in Madison, WI and New York, NY. Zivtech specializes in building powerful and scalable web applications, implementing enterprise content management systems, and creating beautiful web-based design. Our team is passionate about Drupal, Alfresco, Node.js, and Houston – as well as the entire open source movement. We love developing robust and cutting-edge online solutions, creating and empowering communities, and working within some of the best professional networks in the world. Our active participation in our professional networks pushes us to write and share great code, host engaging events, and mentor new developers. It also means that Zivtech remains at the forefront of the latest advances and trends in the open source movement.