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Why does this website deserve to win?: 

This site is clean and polished and ties Drupal 7 in to CiviCRM and Google Maps via their respective APIs using a custom module. It presents a clean front-end editing interface for contacts, allowing administrators to update multiple CiviCRM contacts without having to reload the page (using an edit-in-place jQuery plugin) or dive into a foreign CiviCRM administrative interface (since admins can edit through the front end).

Website Launch Date: 
Monday, January 9, 2012
How It Was Done (optional): 

This site was rebuilt from an original Joomla site that had static maps and contact data that had to be manually entered or edited in multiple places. The new site is built on Drupal 7 to take advantage of a number of core Drupal features, such as automatic image handling (cropping and resizing) and taxonomy for cross-referencing content to the schools that it relates to. It integrates with CiviCRM to manage the contact data and with Google Maps to automate and expand the mapping functionality.

Owner's name: 
Network of Sacred Heart Schools
Development Company:
Drupal and CiviCRM design and development, by a nonprofit, for nonprofits. justice by design.