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School of Public Health - Health Research For Action

Drupal Version: 
Why does this website deserve to win?: 
This was a complete redesign for the Health Research for Action (HRA). The redesign included the ability to utilize the "Project Search" section from the newly created site in the existing parent organization: The School of Public Health. Notable features: * JavaScript dropdown 'Email Subscribe' functionality at the top of all pages * Custom homepage marquee w/intro slide, followed by showcased projects that have been promoted to front * Infinitely extensible marquee slider navigation at the bottom of marquee * Default Drupal search and customized, taxonomized project search w/advanced options JS slider dropdown * News and awards landing and detail pages * Project content type shared across two related properties, HRA and SPH; managed with a simple checkbox for presence in each site and their searches * Social media integration on all pages
Website Launch Date: 
Monday, June 27, 2011
How It Was Done (optional): 
The creation of the HRA website included a jQuery home page marquee that had a corresponding carousel navigation system. This allows HRA to enter a project for use in the project search, but also have it appear on the home page. A number of section were created in this style allowing the users to create simple pieces of content that were reusable throughout the site. The second part of this project was to create an independent design for the SPH site that could be incorporated in the existing site while still utilizing the existing back end data entry of the HRA site. A custom template and set of CSS rules were designed to change the look of the section to match the existing site. We then used checkboxes in the content entry forms to allow end users to select which sites the projects should appear on.
Owner's name: 
UC Berkeley
Development Company: 
Metal Toad Media