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Rutgers Center for Management Development

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The redesigned Rutgers Center for Management Development (CMD) website provides a robust and expandable platform for sharing their growing portfolio of in-class, online, and on-site training programs to the public at-large. Any new programs can be quickly added, and critical information such as program dates, times, and locations can be updated at a moment’s notice. By using Drupal MPA was able to consolidate three individually managed platforms (WordPress blog, Lead Capture form service, and their static website) into one.

During the first month since the site has gone live, the enhanced User Interface, SEO and content has had a dramatic positive impact on both the average time users spend on the site and the number of pages the average user views. Average time on the site per visit has increased by 51% and the average number of pages visited has increased by 92% since the redesigned site's launch.

Visitors to the site will get more than current and relevant content; they will have the benefit of a number of new website features as well. These include a “Program Finder” that lets them search for CMD programs based upon what criteria are important to them, including by subject area, management level of participants, credits available, or time of year that the programs are offered. This feature alone makes the site much more user-friendly, enabling the user to find and compare CMD programs quickly and easily.

Other new features include a program calendar; blogs (migrated from WordPress); videos (auto-imported from their YouTube channel); the auto-posting of news, events and blogs to Twitter and Facebook; the complete “searchability” of the site based upon user preferences; and a “responsive design” layout that dynamically adjusts its size and shape based upon the screen size of users’ devices – from smart phones to iPads to desktop computers. Taken together, all of these new features help CMD’s 20+ programs share their benefits with the public in a clear and coherent way.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012
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Rutgers Center for Management Development
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Mary Pomerantz Advertising
Mary Pomerantz Advertising is an award winning, New Jersey and nationally certified Woman-owned advertising agency strategically headquartered in Highland Park, New Jersey. Our over twenty years of advertising experience and our highly skilled creative, development, and administrative staff enable us to provide a diverse array of high-quality services to our clients. We have over five years experience in Drupal development and have built over 40 Drupal sites to date.

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