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MIT is dedicated to improving science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education at the K12 level. When they decided to launch their MIT-K12 video education project as part of their existing outreach programs, they approached Lullabot to create a website to allow MIT students to both solicit requests for and produce videos about STEM topics. 

MIT wanted to have the site available quickly, so Lullabot took a lean approach to the project, stripping out traditional overhead. We focused our efforts on using Drupal to create working wireframes and a living, functional prototype as soon as possible. 

Lullabot assigned a small, elite, cross-functional team (including a designer who knows Drupal, and a developer who was heavily involved in editorial workflow) to the project. In order to meet the tight deadline, the team was forced to hew to Drupal’s preferences and create design around that. The simplicity and elegance of site is a testament to these constraints. Also, by integrating design and development, we drastically reduced the cost of production

The result is a responsive, workflow-driven site with a social dimension. The responsive design is important, as educational audiences are now using laptops, iPads, and other devices to access online content in the classroom. All front-end development for MIT-K12 was mobile first, and progressively enhances up from mobile.

Changes and evolutions continue to be driven by user feedback. As the MIT-K12 content library grows, the site is designed to grow with it.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Lullabot is one of the world’s top open source web development, strategy, and training companies. We employ people who are not only the best Drupal developers and consultants, but respected leaders in the Drupal community who are able to communicate clearly and enlighten and empower our clients with the knowledge they need to maintain and sustain the sites we have built with them. We've lead some of the largest Drupal installations in existence and taught thousands of aspiring developers how to build websites using Drupal.