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Hurley Medical Center and Children's Hospital

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Why does this website deserve to win?: 
Hurley made a strategic decision in 2009 to build a new Drupal website portal whose purpose would be to connect each of the medical center’s Drupal microsites. Taking advantage of a Drupal feature, the Hurley Children’s Hospital website was developed simultaneously as the portal site, and has a unique design theme but shares its functionality with the portal website.
    Other achievements of this site include:
  • Duo successfully implemented ‘find a physician,’ a multifaceted search ability that empowers visitors by allowing them to search by last name, full name, location or specialty. When they’ve completed their searches, visitors see brief content bullets about each physician returned by the search inquiry with links to more comprehensive bio pages.
  • Hurley’s portal site includes a primary navigation for overarching content topics like ‘Specialties & Services,’ ‘Your Health’ and ‘Education & Research.’ To connect with Hurley microsites, the top of the page includes navigation to external sites that stays consistent throughout the portal and microsites.
  • Duo was able to produce the essential wireframes & designs while the content itself was under development. Notable homepage design elements include a revolving banner and quick links to popular resources.
Website Launch Date: 
Saturday, October 1, 2011
Hurley Medical Center Portal Website and Children's Hospital Microsite
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Hurley Medial Center
Development Company: 
Duo Consulting
Duo utilizes Drupal open-source technologies to create content-rich websites accessible through desktop and mobile platforms.