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Growing Ambitions

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Daresbury-based, Drupal specialist Ixis teamed up with leading education organisation, TSL Education to develop TES Growing Ambitions, a not-for-profit website to support teachers helping young people discover the right career path.

In 2011, UK youth unemployment was at a record high, with one in five young people not in employment, education or training. At a time when the delivery of careers advice was changing to respond to this, Growing Ambitions provides a dedicated portal for teachers to access diverse multimedia teaching resources absolutely free of charge, as well as being able to share best practice with the professional careers community.

Ixis was tasked to develop the Growing Ambitions website from scratch and take it from a standing start to a fully functioning website enabling teachers to download materials and partners to upload materials.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011
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How this was achieved?
Ixis was briefed to create a website which would help deliver the above objectives and support the teaching profession to ensure young people have access to quality Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) as part of their careers learning.

As part of this brief, Ixis was asked to develop a range of functionality including an A-Z job search, multimedia resource platform, news and Q&A. Ixis developed a Drupal based Content Management System to support the integration of media content and enable teachers to search for the right information for their students.

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TSL Education
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Ixis are a technical agency specialising in Drupal services including development, hosting and support. With over 8 years experience we have obtained one of the strongest and most diverse Drupal specific portfolios in the UK ranging from large enterprises to public sector organisations, national charities and start up businesses. Ixis's Drupal clients include the British Council, Epilepsy Action, Times Education Supplement, The Association of Corporate Treasurers, Barclays and UK General. Ixis has been part of the Drupal community for more than eight years with new ideas and developments generated from the team put back into the Drupal community. Ixis also supports the community via sponsorship of modules and conferences. Ixis also help financially by sponsoring the development of modules, are Drupal Association members and assist in the organisation & donations to Drupal events. Our staff are involved in the organisation of and contribution to the North West Drupal User Group, which is a voluntary group of Drupal developers.

Drupal Community Comments

Good site for careers advice and nice use of drupal tools.