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Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand

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Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand is a not-for-profit organisation whose work focuses on disadvantaged women and girls. Their previous website was a hodgepodge of poor, inconsistent design and awkward publishing workarounds. The new site is not only a radical improvement but a great example of what Drupal can offer a not-for-profit organisation. A number of different authors - all of them time poor, and none of them web publishing experts - are easily able to publish and edit content without compromising design. For example, the front page features a carousel of photographs linking to stories which can easily be updated using a simple page template. This is a lively, colourful Drupal site that gives a true reflection of Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand as a hive of constant activity.
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Thursday, March 8, 2012
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Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand
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Weave Web Communications
Weave Web Communications creates websites using a strategic, content-first process. We specialise in nonprofit and e-commerce clients, and over 80% of our sites are developed in Drupal. Drupal allows us to implement sophisticated content templates while maintaining a clean, intuitive author experience.