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Forging Industry Association

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Over the years, had grown to be a large, spider-like site that had become unmanageable. Forging was unable to update their own site content, so they came up with workaround solutions, extending the navigation into a litany of sub-menus to accommodate upwards of 700 PDFs.

Forging had been hosting their site with Unleashed Technologies and turned to them to help improve its organization and accessibility. Unleashed Technologies migrated to Drupal 7, integrating with Forging’s third-party membership portal and incorporating a single sign-on solution. Further reducing complexity, an import system was developed in order to import Forging’s databases to Drupal. For additional usability, a public and private file structure was implemented, utilizing Drupal's access control permissions in order to deliver members-only content to the appropriate visitors.

These efforts have resulted in the transformation of The navigation is now streamlined and logical, enabling visitors to easily find the information they are seeking. Forging’s staff now leverage Drupal to make their own updates to the site while maintaining the design so that it is aligned to their corporate branding. What once was a wilderness of spider code and PDFs, is now an engaging and informative experience for visitors.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Forging Industry Association
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Forging Industry Association
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Unleashed Technologies, LLC.
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Drupal Community Comments

Forging takes a unique approach to provide large quantities of in-site and document driven education with an easy to understand interface for the Forging Industry. The vast amount of information is easy to find and it's clarity in presenting what are reserved for members and public domain is clear through the locking icons prevalent throughout the site.