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Chamber Music America

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Why does this website deserve to win?: 

Chamber Music America’s goal was to create an interactive website that serves as an online chamber music community, strengthening ties between the national organization and its members and constituents, and among its members. Members consist of individual musicians, ensembles, presenters, artist managers, composers and educators. CMA wanted to project the diversity of its membership and the music its members play; the organization’s programs and activities, and its, and its members’ accomplishments.

About the Project:

1) Home Page

  • Modular build provides CMA with the ability to feature what is important quickly; content can be featured or hidden with ease via Drupal CMS
  • Unique information architecture: distinct landing pages for 3 main areas of the site: Program, Members, About
  • Design is friendly, contemporary without alienating less tech-savvy members. Embraces the broad definition of chamber music which includes contemporary and traditional jazz, classical, and world genres.

2) Member Profile Page

  • Members can post media (audio, video and photos); post news items, recent releases, biographical details;
  • Site visitors can search entire membership using directory;
  • Forum lets members discuss topics amongst themselves;
  • Members can publish events to the public calendar

3) Member Registration & E-Commerce

  • Heavy customization (both front-end and back-end) of Drupal’s “Ubercart” e-commerce platform to manage user registration and paid membership levels with unique permissions and donations.
  • Database keeps track of membership renewals, automatic email notifications
  • Membership data is synched with CMA’s DonorPerfect CRM database via a customized import/export module.

4) Calendar, Member Directory, Media Archive

  • Calendar sortable by Event Type, Genre or Location (State, Country). CMA events are highlighted to be distinguished from member events. Members can promote their events on this calendar from their member profile.
  • Member Directory sortable by Type (gene, size of group, instrumentation) and by Location or users can search by name. Data is collected when members register
  • Media Archive sortable by Type (programming area, genre) or by Media type (vide, audio, photo). Media is aggregated from multiple CMA content page
Website Launch Date: 
Monday, February 13, 2012
Chamber Music America Member Home Page and Member Profile
How It Was Done (optional): 

The site was made primarily with a combination of core and several standard contributed modules (CCK, Views, etc.).

The user profile system required circumventing the standard Drupal user account management setup, and a completely custom interface was built for users to manage their profiles and related content.

The complexities of the registration process were daunting as well: users could fall into any of several types (handled with Roles) based on whether they were solo musicians, ensembles, arts presenters, and so on. Different information was collected based on what type of user was signing up.

We also created a setup to create a daily diff spreadsheet of new users and users who had modified their info so the client could import to their DonorPerfect system.

Übercart was used for ecommerce, with some significant modifications to account for the unconventional nature of the "products" being offered.

We used a combination of Firefox developer tools and the Themer module to build out the site front end and troubleshoot theming issues.

Owner's name: 
Chamber Music America
Development Company: 
A collaboration between Flyleaf Creative, Inc. and Medium Rare Interactive, Inc.
Before the dominance of platforms like WordPress and Drupal, Medium Rare started out creating custom content management solutions for our clients. Because we have spent so much time making CMSes that are tailored for our clients, we know how to finesse CMS systems to feel like they were built for your content, so that they work seamlessly for your staff. Our capabilities include: Content analysis and evaluation; Expert level Drupal and Wordpress development; Theme, template design and coding; Taxonomy design; Back end usability enhancement; Training and documentation; CMS support and maintenance; and Contract webmaster services

Drupal Community Comments

Brilliantly structured drupal website, and it's for a good cause too. I love it!