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The Boomerang Project

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About The Boomerang Project

The Boomerang Project has made a positive impact on more than 9 million students in more than 3000 schools over the past 2 decades. Their single purpose is to:

Make schools great, safe and connected places for kids to learn.

The Boomerang Project has trained over 9000 educators to make this goal a reality for these schools.

About the Website

The website was built to serve three distinct audiences:

  1. Educators who want to learn about The Boomerang Project
  2. Educators who sign up and complete training courses
  3. The Boomerang Project staff who manages courses, clients, and content

The public-facing web pages target audience #1. These users can learn about The Boomerang Project and their courses and services as well as buy products from the online store.

Audience #2 is provided with a special interface for managing their profile, school, and courses. These users can also access course-specific documents and resources.

Audience #3 has a fully customized backend web application to manage courses, schools, users, products, content, and more. This backend system replaced a custom ACT application that had been used for many years. Rather than have the ACT application manage some data and the website manage other data (with much duplication), Drupal was used for everything. This was tricky to architect and implement but was a big win for The Boomerang Project staff.

Why should The Boomerang Project win?

  1. The Boomerang Project does amazing work in education.
  2. The website is visually stunning.
  3. The website shows off the power of Drupal.


Website Launch Date: 
Monday, August 15, 2011
How It Was Done (optional): 
The awesome site was built by two experienced Drupal developers. The appealing visual design was done by the client and then themed by one of the developers. The functionality was split up so the developers could work independently as much as possible. The Features and Strongarm modules were heavily leveraged to keep the developers in sync. is a very large and feature-rich site that has a sophisticated backend component for managing courses, schools, and clients as well as premium client functionality for users who've been trained by The Boomerang Project.
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The Boomerang Project
Development Company: 
Freelance (Kristen Pol & Elliot Weaver)