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Bolingbrook Soccer Club

Drupal Version: 
This website looks great on mobile devices!
Why does this website deserve to win?: 
This website deserves to win because it is unique and completely out of the box. It was designed by Group 365 from a layered PSD file, built by Halo Digital Design per the client's very specific requirements and contains a lot of really cool elements not found on most other sports organization's websites. Everything from the announcements sidebar to the weather module all the way down to the menu system is completely customized to the client's needs.
Website Launch Date: 
Wednesday, February 1, 2012
How It Was Done (optional): 
The design company, Group365, developed a detailed layered PSD per Bolingbrook Soccer Club's aesthetic and function specifications. Collaborating with the developer, Halo Digital Design, the website was built and completely customized as per the client's and ultimately, the end-user's wishes. The client is able to make any content changes they need to, add announcements, send out newsletters, etc.
Owner's name: 
Bolingbrook Soccer Club
Development Company: 
Halo Digital Design
Halo Digital Design is a Drupal development company that tailors itself to the needs of larger businesses and organizations while maintaining a foothold in the small business community. We believe wholeheartedly that Drupal can be a viable solution to any website need, from a small business internet presence to a multi-million dollar company's eCommerce solution.

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I am so proud of our work on this site!