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Best Non-Profit/Education Website Built With Drupal

Long Name: 
Best Non-Profit/Education/Science/Training Website Built With Drupal

Nominees for Best Non-Profit/Education Website Built With Drupal represent Drupal implementations for Non-Profit businesses or Educational institutions.

LRA Crisis Tracker

The LRA Crisis Tracker is a real-time mapping platform and data collection system created to bring an unprecedented level of transparency to the atrocities of the Lord’s Resistance Army. Using information sourced from Invisible Children’s Early Warning Radio Network, UN agencies, and local NGOs, this tool allows for better response from governments, policy-makers, and humanitarian organizations.This joint project, developed by Invisible Children and Resolve, marks the first time data surrounding the crisis has been comprehensively aggregated and made publicly available.

Instituto Mexicano de Prevención Integral

Son tres motivos principalmente:
  1. La causa (prevención integral)
  2. El manejo de gráficos (css)
  3. Combinación de lenguaje de programación (html, php, java)
There are three main reasons:
  1. The cause (holistic prevention)
  2. The handling of graphics (css)
  3. Combination of programming language (html, php, java)

Quit Coal is more than just a website. It is a community platform that will eventually comprise 250 websites across the USA, all built and deployed using Drupal technologies. The platforms supports Greenpeace USA's major Quit Coal campaign, which will unfold over the next five years and eventually lead to the closure of some of the most highly polluting power plants in America.

This platform allows Greenpeace staff and organizers to easily deploy new community websites in each new community they start to campaign in, which provides a focal point for communications and outreach, reasources

Independent Adoption Center

The Independent Adoption Center is a compassionate and dedicated domestic open adoption agency founded in 1982. Since its inception, the IAC has helped make open adoption the norm in adoptions in the United States. The website is designed to be a resource for all members of the adoption triad. Features include:

  • AJAX family profile search
  • Question and Answer section for all adoption-related questions
  • Webform and views for lead management
  • Pulls profile data from our drupal 6 website, where our families create their own adoption web presence
  • Chat live with social workers with a third-party chat

School of Public Health - Health Research For Action

This was a complete redesign for the Health Research for Action (HRA). The redesign included the ability to utilize the "Project Search" section from the newly created site in the existing parent organization: The School of Public Health. Notable features: * JavaScript dropdown 'Email Subscribe' functionality at the top of all pages * Custom homepage marquee w/intro slide, followed by showcased projects that have been promoted to front * Infinitely extensible marquee slider navigation at the bottom of marquee * Default Drupal search and customized, taxonomized project search w/advanced