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NASCAR's Hometracks Series

Why does this website deserve to win?: 
Turner Sports Interactive needed to migrate NASCAR's Hometracks Series to a CMS capable of quick customization and easy news publishing prior to the racing season. Drupal, with its flexible theming layer and out-of-the-box revisions feature, filled the need. Mediacurrent's expert Drupal team built the site in 4 weeks, solidifying Drupal's reputation at the enterprise level. The Hometracks site boasts features that offer fans up-to-the-minute racing news, race results, standings, and regional series information. In addition, track owners have the ability to manage press releases about their track directly on the site. Drupal’s multitude of contributed modules shortened the integration timeline for these features - giving Hometracks fans robust content and reporting.
Website Launch Date: 
Monday, January 3, 2011
Owner's name: 
Jason Christley
Development Company: 
Mediacurrent helps organizations architect custom websites by leveraging our proven processes and deep expertise in Drupal.