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Gay Star News

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Why does this website deserve to win?: is the world's first rolling gay (LGBT) news website and we have journalists working 24/7 around the globe in Los Angeles, New York, Sydney, Shanghai, the main office in London and elsewhere. GSN is dedicated to quality journalism – Tris Reid-Smith and Scott Nunn have worked together in gay media for over a decade at senior/editor-in-chief level and saw the need for the LGBT community to have a credible global news site.

Already in month three we are working on phase three of GSN and building the site as we grow. This is why we choose Drupal for it's easy navigation tools, fast build, professional results and long-term flexibility.
We launched out of beta testing on Monday 16th January with a tweet from Stephen Fry to his 3.7million followers. The traffic has been increasing at a rapid rate, we have already reached 192 countries in the world and had over 70,000 unique visitors in February (month three).

Website Launch Date: 
Monday, January 16, 2012
How It Was Done (optional): 

GayStarNews was designed so that the readers (from many different countries and cultures) can navigate through the content at ease. A clean design shows that readers can flow through the editorial and not be pestered with too much advertising.

The design is simple enough so that the reader doesn't feel lost on the site with the fast pace that the news content is uploaded. However with a clear black, red and white colour theme the site differs us from cliched pink and rainbow designs common to LGBT media. GSN has a friendly, approachable design but also looks professional, corporate-appropriate and 'newsy'.

Aware that the site was aiming for a global audience it had to be uncomplicated, enticing and informative.

It's design is simple enough for the majority of ages to find their way around but still looks sophisticated with a clear understanding that GSN is website that delivers fast and rolling news.

Audience and client feedback is feeding our long-term development and we have already been widely praised for the excellent design and feel.

Owner's name: 
Gay Star News Ltd
Development Company: 
ck creative design
CK Creative Design has a good reputation for designing and developing sites for SMEs but this was their first Drupal site, making its success an even bigger achievement.