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Why does this website deserve to win?: 

This site was an improvement from the old site.

With Drupal we achieved a stronger relationship betweem the Mexican journalist Adela Micha and her audience, since she was well know in both radio and tv, but lacked any kind of presence on the Internet but twitter.

Since the launch of the site, people have started to view and enjoy the contents that are not usually published on TV nor radio, such as exclusive interviews, audio commentaries and even the everyday wardrobe of Adela Micha. Since some people kept asking her by twitter what was she wearing on TV and wanted to get something similar, this led to a complete section on the website named "La Micha de la Micha" wich unfortunately is currently being redisigned and is no longer accesible.

We have received both negative and positive comments on the site about the graphic design, the special functionality it has (like a reading list, an "I like" button for contents like the one from facebook called "A Mi +") and about the simple fact that the site was no longer a static information site, they felt closer to the journalist and some of them even submited some personal stories about them so Adela could get to know them better and in some cases she even interviewed them for the website. This has been confirmed by the fact that the site gets about 3 thousand daily visits and a total of 158,000 visits since its launch on January 31st

Website Launch Date: 
Tuesday, January 31, 2012
How It Was Done (optional): 

The site has two special functionalities that were unique:
- Notification center: each time a user navigates through the site, he gets notified if any NEW content was published in that moment. The notification its at the top of the window and it slides down a container that lists the title and link of the recently published content. The notification has a 20 minutes frame, so the users don't get notified every time they visit the site, only while they navigate the site and content is published within those 20 minutes
- Reading List: pretty much like the one avialable on the Apple's Safari browser, users can click an icon for the content to be added to a list they can read later.

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Owner's name: 
Adela Micha
Development Company: 
Designo MX
Our drupal sites are mainly focused on the graphic aspect of the website and some minor special requirements made by our clients.