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Madison webshop

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Why does this website deserve to win?: looks very nice, has great server- and browserside performance* and is a fine example of conversion optimized e-commerce with Drupal.

*it scores 96 out of 100 according Googe Page Speed.

Background story

Madison shop is a niche webshop that sells a range of garden furniture products from one brand only, "Madison". This is a Dutch manufacturer of outdoor textile products.

E-commerce functionality

For the e-commerce side of things Ubercart is used. The catalogue however is custom build. In a previous version we used Views for this, for performance reasons we've rewritten it, hardcoding optimised SQL queries. We lost flexibility here, but gained much better performance for the faceted filter.

Mobile and touch

The sites looks and performs well on tablets and bigger touch devices. It's not really mobile ready, we plan for a separate mobile version later.

Rich snippets

Rich snippets are implemented according for Product "things".

Design and branding

We designed in house a family of shop layouts for a few market segments we are active in. They are sharing te same layout and techniques, but segments have there own designs. Madison shop is part of the "Kopu Garden" segment and is designed so. Dekbedovertrek shop for example is part of the "Kopu Bedding" segment having a cleaner, more minimalistic design, yet sharing the same backend code.

This way Drupal allows us to quickly roll out more shops and re-brand segments with a minimal variation in files, which makes deployment and updating code a breeze.


Drupal is more than capable to integrate tightly with the ERP backend (OpenERP). Synchronizing product data, orders, client data, newsletter subscriptions and even discounts. We also integrate with Google Merchant and some affiliate marketing platforms.

Website Launch Date: 
Wednesday, February 8, 2012
Owner's name: 
Kopu Shops
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Drupal Community Comments

High consumer confidence, customer centric features, fast load times, strong organization, and intuitive check-out. Dominant in the market place award in my opinion.

Thanks, makes me blush! I'm also very happy with this result. Had a nice time building it. Regards, Kees