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CPL Distribution, the largest solid fuel distributor in the UK, recently re-launched its popular coal e-commerce website Coals2U with the support of Manchester digital agency, Livelink. The two companies have worked together for over a decade and the Drupal development expert has guided the online coal manufacturer and distributor through many successful changes. This latest incarnation allows for improved usability in order to further increase customer conversion rates.

The sites’ overhaul lifts it to the highest industry standard, in keeping with the positioning of the Coals2U brand, and includes a mega menu for more streamlined purchasing and the introduction of the personalised shopping experience, allowing the site to predict when each customer will run out of fuel and warn them accordingly.

Customer lifecycle automation

The site is integrated to Copernica marketing software, which provides the capability to respond to customer activity or abandonment automatically. The following are examples of automated campaigns which operate:

  • Time delayed reminders "Are you running out of fuel?"
  • Customers satisfaction survey
  • Anniversary of purchase
  • Visitors failing to checkout are offered assistance via email
  • Visitor fails x login attempts, automate sending of password reset email

The measures we have in place using Copernica have meant that 15% of abandoners return and complete their purchase. For every £1 spent on automation, £14 revenue is generated.

Drupal UX improvements

The checkout has been highly customised in line with industry recommendations.

  • Mega menus featuring popular products
  • The checkout has a separate theme to isolate the user from the buying process and maximise conversion
  • Account creation is split into two steps, the first captures the visitors email address so that if in step 2 they struggle to complete the form, the site is able to automatically contact the visitor and offer assistance via email

Several of the modules which were built to deliver this project were released as contributed modules to the Drupal community.

Central Hub powers 4 Drupal Commerce web shops

Coals2u is one of now four Drupal Commerce shops which are controlled from a central hub, enabling CPL to streamline the management of their £ multi million enterprise. The sites are integrated to CPL's back office via a custom API which controls the product publishing and pricing.

Jon Carter, marketing manager for Coals2U, is delighted with the new site:

We have seen great results using the systems and software that Livelink has employed on our behalf. We’re very confident now that, each time the site improves, the level is raised at which we conduct business and we are becoming a faster and ever more efficient concern. In this market place it pays to stay ahead and we know we will see a healthy return on any investment we make in the website.

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Friday, August 12, 2011
Coals2u Powered by Drupal Commerce
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CPL Distribution
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Livelink New Media
Livelink UK is an e-commerce design, development and on-line marketing agency. Since its inception over ten years ago, the company has gone from strength to strength focusing on web development to ensure that each client’s website works to engage, as well as to attract, new visitors. The team is renowned for its expertise, employing the most innovative and sophisticated technology to generate the best results for its clients. Most agencies profess to be great at design but not everyone is an expert at development. At Livelink, we are good at it all. We have the technology and marketing strategies, as well as the design solutions and the creative sizzle, to make sure your website is a premium business tool... as well as an attractive window for your brand, your products and your services. Specialties Web Design & Development, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, On-site optimisation, Social Media, SEM & SEO