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Best Marketplace Website Built With Drupal

Long Name: 
Best eCommerce/eBusiness/Marketplace Website Built With Drupal

Nominees for Best Marketplace Website Built With Drupal represent Drupal implementations that are eCommerce, eBusiness, or Marketplace in nature regardless of particular business model used. This would include B2B, B2C, C2B and C2C, and mobile commerce websites.


The site is a marketplace for adventure tourism operators which includes 244 tours from 70 countries. Tour operators can create their own tours with filling many fields such as geocoded tour map, itenary, inclusion/exclusion list, prices, tour dates, pics and videos. The site also designed to be community platform which the users named as " Geographikan's ". Any tour can be bought from the market place by users with full functionality of an e-commerce platform, which is developed by ubercart module.

Gold Track

Perfectly demonstrates how Drupal can rise above stock layout and deliver rich engagement with no restrictions on creative presentation.

The Making Spot

The Making Spot is a pioneering website that blurs the boundaries between ecommerce and social networking.

The huge effort that went into researching our audience and content structure was followed up by repeated user testing to inform the design process. This was matched by an incredible feature set and a considerable amount of content, all beautifully curated.

The Making Spot is a fantastic example of how to move content from print-based media to an online environment.


Immogoms is a Swiss real estate company which required a re-launch of their website, since the previous website was built over 10 years ago.

The new platform facilitates two markets: Rental objects and objects for sale. It was implemented based on Drupal 6. For the handling of the reservations we have used the really cool Agreservations module. Since it did not match all our requirements, we adapted it with timeframe-restriction functionality. Which we have contributed to the Drupal community. was one of the first to use the Drupal and the Drupal Commerce pairing to create an experience that made finding and buying local products easy. Besides building a simple front end for customers we spent a considerable amount making a true marketplace where special user roles can login and manage there own events.

This website thanks to great design, a custom shopping experience and cloud hosting from Pantheon handled all the nightlife ticket sales for the Sundance Film Festival.