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Drupal Sun

Drupal Version: 
This website looks great on mobile devices!
Why does this website deserve to win?: 
Drupal Sun was inspired by the way tools like Google Reader and Feedly take feeds and make them easy to read. In brief, Drupal Sun allows you to:
  • Do full-text search on all the articles in Drupal Planet (thanks to Apache Solr)
  • Facet based on tags, author, or feed
  • Flip through articles quickly (with j/k or arrow keys) to find what you're interested in
  • View the entire article text inline, or in the context of the site where it was created
Website Launch Date: 
Wednesday, February 15, 2012
How It Was Done (optional): 
Drupal Sun was built using Feeds to aggregate Drupal Planet content and Search API to provide faceted search. It uses Isotope and Infinite Search js libraries for the search display.
Owner's name: 
Evolving Web
Development Company: 
Evolving Web
Evolving Web is a Drupal development, consulting, and training company based in Montreal. We specialize in multilingual Drupal and Apache Solr search.