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Eyemaginations Inc.

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Unleashed Technologies is proud and excited to have been part of the development of the Eyemaginations website, helping the definitive industry leader in informational video for the healthcare industry create a web presence that is representative of its continued success, its mature product offering, and delivers valuable resources to their existing client base.

Eyemaginations, Inc is an industry leader in creating interactive media solutions that explain complex medical subject matters to patients. Eyemaginations' products span from in-office informative videos to direct patient education. Eyemaginations wanted to construct a new enterprise interactive web portal that provided substantial value to its visitor base. Major initiatives for the project included:

  • Easy to access in-depth information
  • Increased capabilities in client support
  • Robust media highlighting the Eyemaginations products/capabilities suite
  • Concise presentation of product offerings and options per vertical
  • Direct integration to content delivery networks (CDN), Salesforce, and existing online product suites
  • Increased search engine exposure and organic traffic
  • Enterprise CMS capabilities

The challenge required a highly collaborative process between both organizations to bring this highly engaging and useful portal to its existing and new clients.

The results of this project were overwhelming. Unleashed Technologies created a visually stunning and media rich website focused on providing an immense value to visitors of the web portal. At product launch Eyemaginations had met all of its core objectives including:

  • Best practices enterprise website
  • Media driven website
  • Advanced control capabilities and customized modules/content types
  • Seamless user experience
  • Well-structured and easy to access information on vertical offerings and products
  • Powerful design and a unique color system for identifying product offerings
Website Launch Date: 
Friday, April 1, 2011
Eyemaginations Inc Corporate Site
How It Was Done (optional): 

Unleashed Technologies worked hand in hand with Eyemaginations to create a comprehensive solution by deploying an in-depth analysis starting with understanding the unique model of the company, the expectations of its client base, and the goals with the highest value to Eyemaginations.

After complete review of the project and its ongoing initiatives Unleashed Technologies constructed a detailed creative brief that covered all aspects of the project. Our firm made the recommendation of leveraging the platform capabilities of Drupal in order to bring the findings from the creative brief to fruition. A plan was constructed that utilized the high end design capabilities of the Unleashed web team coupled with our extensive experience in tieing together best in breed software that provides critical functionality to Eyemaginations. Our planning included full maximization of the core capabilities of Drupal with module based development for extended functionality that was specific to the business processes of Eyemaginations.

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Eyemaginations, Inc.
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Unleashed Technologies, LLC.
Unleashed Technologies is a full service web development firm. Our creative, technical, and consultative experts build interactive technology that consistently exceeds our client’s expectations and goals. Through our web design analysis process, expert website and web application development, and performance hosting, we take care of your online needs. With Unleashed Technologies, you don’t have to search for different vendors for different parts of a web presence—we've got it all.

Drupal Community Comments

Inspiring. A great example of how to leverage Drupal's strengths.

Best Website I've seen in a long time

All encompassing website with easy navigation that allows you to get to critical areas multiple ways. Appealing look and easy to understand content makes this site my vote for #1.

greatest website i have ever seen

I voted for this as best enterprise because of it's robust integration with several proprietary system focused around high impact media and it's intuitive/sleek design. It's seamless integration into supporting systems is evident.