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Subaru Australia

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This website looks great on mobile devices!
Why does this website deserve to win?: 
An early adopter on D7 (launched June 2011 with commenced Jan 2011) the site not only showcases the use of a highly customised and mobile compatible theme, it also required complex modules to integrate with a backend third-party CRM and facilitate highly interactive front end functionality (i.e. Hosted on a multi-tiered, load balanced, and Aegir/GIT/Drush/Jenkins driven platform it is currently being extended with a number of additional modules (to commence release in the next quarter). A sister site for New Zealand ( has also been deployed bringing solid ROI to the Subaru group from it's initial investment. UX and creative phases were extensive (and are ongoing) giving it an excellent look and user interaction model.
Website Launch Date: 
Thursday, June 30, 2011
Subaru Australia
How It Was Done (optional): 
Developed by a team of over 6 developers (front end and back end) with sys admin, creative, UX and project management support. Development timeframes for initial launch were very tight due to a hard set launch date inline with a major motorshow so the system had to be architected to enable an initial release with subsequent module rollouts (the release schedule for weekly updates is currently weekly by default with additional deploys as dictated by patches, hot fixes, and high priority business requirements).
Owner's name: 
Subaru Australia
Development Company: 
We do websites and other digital things. More info at and

Drupal Community Comments

Amazing functionality, good example of "drupal can do this too". for "looks good on mobile", some serverside device detection seems to be used? This is a fast vaporizing method. It would IMHO be better to use media queries for responsive design. I would ditch the praise from the text, draws away attention from a very good project ;-) Kees <a href=""></a>

Great site

It's not responsive.