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Livet Hemma for IKEA

Drupal Version: 
Why does this website deserve to win?: 
IKEA wanted to create a place for inspiration on home decoration, interaction and dialogue. A place that gives users a possibility to contribute with ideas, comment, like, share content and discuss things about homes, interior and IKEA. Also a place where IKEA can communicate with its customers and fans in a more personal way. To materialize this the choice of technical solution was Drupal. The site is built as a distribution that can be rolled out to all other local IKEA sites as well, which makes it scalable- and therefore sizzling! More info:
Website Launch Date: 
Saturday, October 1, 2011
How It Was Done (optional): 
The technology behind Livet hemma Livet hemma uses Apache Solr as the primary site navigation. The module Panels Everywhere is used to support advanced layouts. We use Panels Everywhere together with the base theme Precision, that is custom designed for Panels Everywhere and brings great flexibility through a granular grid system. The web page uses a webservice-API that is built on the Services module. The API is used to communicate with an app for iPhone. On the server side, Varnish is used to run the site quickly and responsively. Memcached is used for caching for logged-in users. The web page uses its own streaming server. The content can be linked together with this server through a special provider built on top of the module Emfield.
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Development Company: 
NodeOne Sweden
NodeOne are Scandinavia's leading Drupal specialists and Sweden's 2011 Super Gazelle winners for the fastest growing company in Sweden. We have offices in Stockholm Gothenburg, and Copenhagen.