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Best Enterprise Website Built With Drupal

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Best Government, Enterprise or Healthcare Website Built with Drupal

The following are finalists for Best Enterprise Website Built With Drupal represent Drupal implementations in government, healthcare, and large businesses (500+ employees).

Nominations can be for either the entity's primary website or a secondary website.

Sonic Foundry

Sonic Foundry is a leading webcasting and lecture capture software and hardware provider. Their clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as prestigious higher-education institutions. As a major player in media technology, Sonic Foundry wanted a site that was media rich and engaging to clients and public users alike. KWALL leveraged the company’s library of video resources, case studies, client testimonials, and white papers; tagging and classifying nearly everything to create a truly dynamic interface that serves up desired content through advanced multi-variant search filters.

Eyemaginations Inc.

Unleashed Technologies is proud and excited to have been part of the development of the Eyemaginations website, helping the definitive industry leader in informational video for the healthcare industry create a web presence that is representative of its continued success, its mature product offering, and delivers valuable resources to their existing client base.

Eyemaginations, Inc is an industry leader in creating interactive media solutions that explain complex medical subject matters to patients. Eyemaginations' products span from in-office informative videos to direct patient education.

Livet Hemma for IKEA

IKEA wanted to create a place for inspiration on home decoration, interaction and dialogue. A place that gives users a possibility to contribute with ideas, comment, like, share content and discuss things about homes, interior and IKEA. Also a place where IKEA can communicate with its customers and fans in a more personal way. To materialize this the choice of technical solution was Drupal. The site is built as a distribution that can be rolled out to all other local IKEA sites as well, which makes it scalable- and therefore sizzling! More info:

Olympus Pacific Minerals

Olympus Pacific Minerals is a Gold Producer Focused on Southeast Asia. The Olympus Pacific website integrates a clean design and up-to-date video content from the company's key management, maps, and regulatory information. This allows shareholders a level of access to the company's operations uncommon in the mineral sector.

Civic Commons

Civic Commons, a project of Code for America, is a marketplace for open innovation in government, currently tracking 509 apps in 158 cities. Think of it like Techcrunch but for government software, or a community-driven civic app store: the Marketplace project fosters the creation and growth of a community of civic technologists sharing not only information about the applications they use and their experiences with them, but also the very application code. By connecting the nation’s best civic innovators, we stimulate better IT decision making and the reuse of civic code across the world.