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Zing Toys

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Why does this website deserve to win?: 
Zing Toys wanted a completely new site which showcases the colorful and engaging images and video of kids having a blast with Zing Toys. Other important goals included showcasing Zing’s abundance of positive press and awards, and allowing site administrators an easy way to keep product information fresh and updated as well as add new brands. Development highlights: * Several rotating marquees for the home page, brand pages and individual product pages, including photos and video. * Drag and drop sorting of marquee content * Custom styled mega-dropdown navigation * Recommended / related products functionality * Custom import of Zing’s thousands of retailers * Goals accomplished with this project: * Allow as much admin control as possible over content including marquee placement and background images, colors. * Provide video tutorials for content entry * Allow both video and photo content in the same marquee * Tight integration of related content such as awards and recommendations
Website Launch Date: 
Friday, February 10, 2012
Owner's name: 
Zing Toys
Development Company: 
Metal Toad Media
Metal Toad Media is a digital strategy firm with development muscle.