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Tern, Folding Bicycles and Folding Bike Accessories

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This website features an innovative design and functionality that displays Drupal's incredible flexibility. At its foundation is an internationalization system that leverages a slick combination of Domain Access, i18n, and PURL module magic that allows Tern to translate all elements of its website. The website also features a variety of integrations including an Amazon Cloudfront CDN, a GeoIp redirect through Varnish, and Apache Solr search. Users are able to register bikes, communicate on forums, and provide feedback while international distributors are able to add/update dealership information and translate content.

Perhaps more importantly, this website is a great example of what makes Drupal powerful. As a growing Drupal shop, Zivtech built Tern's original website ( This time around we were able to "hand over the keys" and let Tern do their own site building and theming. Zivtech helped with the heavy lifting, adding all the bells and whistles.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011
Tern, Folding Bicycles and Bike Accessories
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Zivtech built in a collaborative relationship with the Tern team that would not have been possible without open source tools.

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This is a totally awesome website! I am surprised that Drupal could be used to create such a professional looking site!