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Sponsor Monster

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We had a simple brief: create a visual design for the website which was wow and distinguished this new startup business from its existing competitors; create a page template that allows our client's customers to upload information and pictures that showcase their events in a way that would make them visual appealing to potential sponsors; and provide a search listing feature that mimics google instant, ie as soon as you start refining your search criteria, the list is filtered to show matching. The client just loved the website and the "monster search" functionality; the feedback from potential clients was great which helped him launch and get his business up and running.
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Thursday, September 1, 2011
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Sponsor monster
Development Company: 
d2 solutions
d2 solutions is a web design agency that specialises in creating a visual design that gets your business noticed. We know that a business’s strength is its individuality; and that for a website to promote a business effectively and attract new customers, it has to showcase that difference that business owners work so hard to create. How are we different? We offer a flexible approach that matches the needs of each individual business. We can do everything or just one small part. Our aim is to partner a business and provide it with a professional website that makes the business owner proud of their business. That pride and positive energy towards their website translates into boosting their confidence and increased sales.

Drupal Community Comments

The search functionality on this website is amazing and the design really showcases the different products / events available to sponsors. It's exciting, different and innovative - bringing a much needed fresh touch to the sponsorship industry.

Great site, easy to use, eye catching and great graphics. The monster is strangely cute too!